who has seen the video?

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I have published some videos in Stream, but I don't know how to know who has seen the video, the unique information I have is the number of visualizations. 

DO you know how can I consult that information ( who has seen the video)?  


I am using a company office 365 license 




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I believe the only way to get this information is by means of stream API that is not ready yet

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We don't have a way to do this directly in Stream. However a few months back we started adding Stream audit events to the O365 audit log including who viewed the video. If you have access to the o365 search/compliance center you can pull the logs for a video to see this info.

@Marc Mroz How do I gain access to these audit logs you speak of?  When I go to the Audit log search page I'm given a very unhelpful message (see attached Auditlog.jpg).  I went to the jarvis log mentioned ( but that shows zero results.  I'm an owner of my channel, who is the person who assigns permissions?!?