Where do I start: O365 Video or Stream?

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My ogranization hasn't started using either video hosting platform yet, but we subscribe to O365. One of the introductory blogs said that subscribers should use O365 Video while non-subscribers should use Stream, but the way Stream content is organized (specifically, how individual videos can be on several different channels) is better suited to our company. Any concerns with starting from scratch in Stream given this scenario? I assume other features, such as tagging people related to the video, statistics, video suggestions, and other great O365 features will come online eventually in Stream.

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Hi @PhiRo,


Microsoft Stream builds upon the learnings and success of Office 365 Video, and over time the two experiences will converge, making Stream the de facto video experience in Office 365.

For your situation


There is no change for customers using Office 365 Video during the Microsoft Stream preview.

Microsoft Stream is currently in Preview but Office 365 Video is a Generally Available (GA) product.

For the immediate term nothing changes with O365 Video. Microsoft Stream and Office 365 Video are two distinct services at this time

  • If you have O365 E/A/G license use O365 Video.
  • If you don't have O365 E/A/G license, now you can use Microsoft Stream Preview.

Over time, Microsoft Stream and Office 365 Video will converge into a single solution.


For more information regarding Office 365 Video and Microsoft Stream, please take a look at the blog below:

Microsoft Stream and Office 365 Video

If you have any further questions, please post back.


Hi v-micsh-msft,


Is there a downside to starting with Microsoft Stream if our company already has the O365 license?



Hi PhiRo,




As you read in the introductory blogs, Office 365 Video and Stream will be converged in the near future. Our guidance has been to continue using O365 Video for O365 E customers because of a number of reasons -


1. O365 Video is a GA service; Stream is still in preview.

2. O365 Video meets some of the compliance requirements; Stream (Preview) is not right now, but will be at GA timeframe.

3. There are some features as you mentioned - tagging people, statistics etc which are not in Stream yet.


For these reasons, we recommend folks to continue with O365 Video and once we start converging, your content will be moved over automatically. In building Stream, we took our learnings from O365 Video and tried to improve those - content organization into channels is one of those.


Given these, if you are comfortable using Stream in your organization, feel free to go ahead by all means. If you have more questions, you can reach me at ashishc microsoft com and I would be happy to setup a call and chat.



Since this is an older migrated set of conversations, I just wanted to add an update on the lastest thinking between O365 Video and Stream as of Stream GA (6/20/17), for future reference.


If you haven't started using O365 Video we'd reccomond starting with Stream. For further questions and breakdown comparision of Stream and O365 Video see this help article: