Where are Stream files stored for Enterprise O365 Tenants?

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Not, geographically, mind you - I'm looking for logical hierarchy, file path equivalent. 


The other O365 apps (for the most part) store their content -both uploaded and created - in SharePoint.  One can navigate the root site file structure and find the 'raw' data, and even download it for backup purposes or to use elsewhere.


My suspicion from what little I've found on the topic, is that this is not the case for Stream... 

  • Storage quotas are separate from SPO quotas
  • Stream data isn't searchable via SharePoint ("yet")
  • There's no integration for including/importing video files that are saved in SharePoint


Please, somebody, prove me wrong!

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Did you find any additional information on this topic yet?

best response confirmed by adam deltinger (MVP)
The data is stored in its own storage based on Azure, specifically blob and also uses SQL and Media Services - see articles here

There is no current way to access this directly, only via the Stream portal.

Stream quotas are separate from SPO quotas as also confirmed in these articles

The search has a uservoice open for this

There is a uservoice open for importing videos to Stream from SharePoint

Hope that answers your questions! And confirms your suspicions are correct!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  Unfortunately, this, combined with the erratic response times and confused interface design, dilute Stream's usefulness so much, that my company is struggling to justify using it. Definitely a step backwards from O365 Video which had its own set of limitations. I guess we'll just continue to upload videos to libraries until Msft comes up with a usable option.

I think you'll be happy with what's coming in the future. I would hang on in there until the end of the year

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


2 years later - Still unable to access\bulk edit channel permissoins.

Still unable to categorize content inside of a channel. Example Training - The group videos by Content type: office\Excel | Copier | MFA etc. making a new channel for each content type is insanity.



Stream (Classic) is going to be retired. Date to be announced later this year if things go to plan.

Upload your videos to SharePoint instead and use custom Metadata and highlighted content web parts to build your own custom channel type destinations with SharePoint pages.