What's the status of the screen recording tool in Stream?

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I see it mentioned in this article, however, I do not see it in our tenant.  Can someone comment on the roll out process of this feature?  Is it targeted release only currently?  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/record-video 

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First time I hear about this tool...indeed, I cannot find a mention on the pricing page where Stream P1 and P2 are compared: https://stream.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/

@Marc Mroz can you help here?

Sounds great. Anyone know more about this?

It's not in our tenant either. Microsoft have managed to remove one of the most useful educational functions (the ability to screen record to mp4) from PowerPoint and not replace it.  They more or less shoot themselves in the foot on a weekly basis

What about using Windows key and G.

That opens up the game recorder .
It's built into Windows 10 and ready for use.

The only thing you need to do is to confirm your browser as a game and then start recording.

Windows Key +ALT +R starts recording with your microphone on

repeat Windows Key +ALT +R to stop recording

upload video to stream and your done.


I seem to have to sign into Xbox? ..


  1. I don't want the school children to be signing into Xbox. or giving the impression they are using gaming software at school.
  2. Does it record the screen or just the browser; when I minimize the browser it stops recording.


I'm at a loss to find out why Microsoft had a perfectly good screen recording tool and then just took it away without any warning or proper replacement #shoddy

We need to take down that document you found, sorry! We had some ideas around building the tool you saw but those plans changed and we didn't release/launch a standalone tool. 


We are working on bigger plans for creation tools from Microsoft, as you saw we posted a survey a few months back on video editing/creation. We have a partner team within our bigger organization inside Office thinking, planning, and building for these scenarios, but it will take time for these to be ready.


In the meantime, there is still a screen recording tool, built into PowerPoint (similar to Office Mix). If you go into the back stage of PowerPoint in the options section, you can add the "Recording" ribbon. On the recording ribbon you can record yourself presenting the slides, add screen recordings, and then export it out to a MP4 or directly render and upload it into Stream. 


And you can use the Game bar in Win 10. Or plenty of other open source or paid tools for screen recording.


Sorry to get your hopes up with that errant article on the doc site. (I'll go delete it now).

Many thanks for the clarification. hopefully the new developments will be available soon. The recording tab is just what I needed and gets me back on track with what I was planning to do. Maybe replace the old document with this suggestion and instructions. 



This is spot on, thank you.