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Simple question. I have a few channels that I'm using to share demos and tutorials related to Office 365 usage and features. They show as having several "followers", but I can't seem to find a list of followers. In other words, I'd like to know who is following my channels so I will know who I can STOP nagging to follow the channel.

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Hi @null null,

I have a uservoice for this here

Linked to previous post here

Would recommend to vote on the uservoice to push it up the agenda. No ability so far to export a list of followers.

However, I have worked out a kind of workaround this evening to see if a specific user is following the channel.

1.) Go into Stream Admin centre here
2.) Select Manage User Data under Data privacy in the left navigation
3.) Run a report for the individual user
4.) Download and open the report
5.) Now look under both Created channels and Assigned channels, if that channel appears and that user is following that channel it will be marked under Followed with 'True'. If they are not following that channel it will be marked with 'False'

I know it's not perfect and will involve a bit of time potentially getting the information, but you can put a picture together if you have specific users in mind. Hopefully they will add the ability to see follower lists in the future, whether this can be by the channel owner or by the admin via a report

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Thanks, @Christopher Hoard . So, at least I'm not crazy and also not the only person looking for this feature.

This is really helpful! Hopefully, they soon bring in the follower downloading option!
Yeah, even I am on the list of people who need this feature. It feels strange not to know who is following us :p