Videos recorded in Teams Meeting cause multiple uploads of the same recording

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Some of our teachers have made recordings using Teams Meeting, which automatically upload to Stream. When they check their progress, they see 5 or more uploads of the same file in progress. The uploads eventually fail. In some cases, a working copy of the file still gets uploaded and all is not lost. I have another teacher who made several recordings yesterday and it looks like his recordings may never show up. Does anyone know what we can do to remedy this? 

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@Bill_Kaiser We have experienced the same issue recently.  Have you discovered anything more that could help resolve this?

@DMilner I haven't heard anything back about this, but it seemed to happen just before our system was transitioned away from Stream and started saving  recordings to OneDrive and SharePoint. I think it only affected 20 out of 400, but those 20 teachers were highly inconvenienced. It turned out that the affected teachers would see ghosts of the recording, but if they scrolled down further, the intact recording would be there, after 8 hours or so. A week or so later, all our teacher's videos are being saved in SharePoint and OneDrive and none go to Stream.  The ghosting and delayed delivery problem has gone away.