Videos Not Playing: "There's a problem with the network"

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Many users are reporting a "There's problem with the network" error they see when they access certain videos.  Some people are able to view the video, but many are not and get the error when the video loads.


Is anyone experiencing this issue?


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Just chiming in to say I'm having the same issue. Mobile app works, but browser doesn't for prob 20% of videos that were playing back fine in the past. "Network error".

@conradchu we are getting this issue too and i am getting it in the neck!


Purely speculation as i have no idea what stream is like behind the scenes, but It feels like one of the media servers behind stream isn't responding properly whilst others are.


Please investigate Microsoft!


We are getting this constantly. I have found a very simple fix which is annoying but has worked every time. If the URL shows we just change it to and the video plays every time. Hope this works for you until they fix it properly.

@skinnyoldcoot Wow, I can't believe that worked. Please Microsoft... fix this!

@Sunil I found a simple solution to this.  Just reset the browser you are currently trying to open the stream video.