Video viewing for tenant guests

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We have started using Stream for our intranet as the place to upload and link videos from management etc. This all works well for normal users, who can access the videos both on desktop and on the go in the mobile clients.


But the trick is for guest users. We're talking about users that are added in the Azure AD, and have access to other services such as Teams, Sharepoint etc, so not anonymous users. But streams are not available for these users. That much is clear when googling the issue... It's also clear that anonymous/public video sharing in Stream is on the roadmap, and targeted for Q4 CY2020. 


But what is the story for guest access? We are not necessarily looking for public/anonymous sharing of videos, we still want to be able to control access to the videos, but not restrict ourselves to the "full" users. Is there anyone that has heard/seen anything on this?


Thanks, and stay safe!


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@gsahlstrom I also would be interested in knowing if/when this feature will be rolled out - we have a Sharepoint intranet and most of our communications are via video - we have guests in our tenant (can access Teams) who also need access to the video content.