Video uploaded in bad resolution

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Hi all


I am new using Stream. I have a video in mp4 format in perfect resolution. 


When I upload this video to Stream the quality downgrades significantly. The quality says only "360p-122kbps"

How can I upload the video to stream it in 1080p, 720p and 540 p?


Thanks community.

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Hi @diego9010 !

When you upload a video to Stream, the platform preserves the original video and generates other resolutions - called smart encoding. Stream uses this videos for adaptive bitrate streaming. So maybe your Internet connection is not good enough and Stream decides to show you this resolution. More informations here:


Second possibility: As far as I know the resolution of 360p is the first resolution Stream renders after a video is uploaded. If this resolution is ready, you receive the mail from Stream that your video is ready for streaming. In the background the other resolutions are than rendered. So check, if other resolutions are available and if not, wait some time.


To your question: You can not upload the different resolutions for one video. There is only one original video and the rest is generated by Stream. You can upload your videos and name the videos Video_1080p and Video_720p and ..., but Stream would generate the other resolutions for each video and would present in auto mode that resolution Stream decides.

Hi @Tomislav Karafilov 


You were right, it was my internet connection.