Video to Stream migration

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Hi @Marc Mroz - I know you guys are working hard to get Video moved to Stream.

We've started to think that it may be better to migrate our Video content ourselves to avoid any unexpected channel collisions and other miscellaneous issues that could occur after the automated move.


Do you have a recommended path for moving Video content to Stream? - (hopefully without having to download/upload everything manually).

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Interesting use case and also interested on Marc answer, but without a Stream API I cannot figure how you can do this by yourselves

@Juan Carlos González Martín is correct until we have a Stream API there really is no way to get content into Stream in bulk other than download and re-upload, sorry.


I can post instructions on how to get to the backend document libraries for a channel and how you can use windows file explorer to download the videos in bulk for a channel. But it would be a manual process of download and re-upload. 


We are looking for about 10-20 customers who would be interested in being the first customers to migrate even before we have a self-service UI to do it. If you wanted to explore that option you'd still go through the migration code, but if you cleaned up and changed/deleted renamed stuff in O365 Video it would be migrated over like that.



I would be interested in the way to get to the files via Explorer - although using WebDAV can be slow and error-prone for larger files. But worth a look - a small robocopy script would at least make the export from Video fairly easy.
We'd probably be open to helping test your migration process too if you need volunteers. Will be interested to see how broken links etc. will be handled.
Accessing the backend document libraries is quite straightforward and even download the videos in automatic way (using CSOM)...the problems happens when uploading to Stream due to the lack of Stream API