Video search: Server error

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A couple of our users (including me) are getting the following error whilst trying to search our stream video library:


The server encountered an error while searching for videos, please try again later.


Is this a known issue?  I can't find any status updates to indicate it.



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@Matthew Day  My Stream region is European Union and the search works. And no entry in the Microsoft Stream Service Updates:

@Matthew Day  Saw a change in the Microsoft Stream web client from V1.0.2057.16 to V1.0.2105.12. I did some tests, got an error message and remembered your post. There is a new sort option by "Name" for videos. Works in "Discover/Videos" and "My content/Videos" but not under "My content/Meetings"! There I get the same error as you got!

@Tomislav Karafilov   Thanks for looking at this.  


I have discovered that if i search for multiple words e.g. "climate change", the search either times out or refuses to return responses (for whatever reason).  


If i just search for single words e.g. "climate", it works.


I'm wondering if the latest update has broken part of the search facility.