Video recording is frozen after 25' but sound continues just fine

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Hi all,


Yesterday we recorded a 2h comp. networks session (about 25 students were attending). The first video (~1h) is fine, the second one started fine, but around minute 25' the frame is stuck but the sound goes on.  Is there a way to restore the video ?


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Hi @Nikolas_Lazaridis 


with what you recorded the video? A Teams meeting, a Teams live event, with PowerPoint, with something else?

Teams Meetings and PowerPoint are recording "only" one video. In a Teams live event beside your primary recording you have a second recording you can download.


As an other option you can download the original video from Stream as a owner or admin and see if this is corrupt. If not, reupload it.




Hello @Tomislav Karafilov ,


Thanks for such rapid response!


Yes I forgot to mention Teams was used to record the session. I've downloaded the video but exactly the same result, regardless of player or OS. I'm almost sure that this is a system glitch and the video is damaged, but how ofter does this happen and has it occurred to others? Is there a way to avoid this ?


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@Nikolas_LazaridisThere was a problem with recording screen capture some days ago, fixed March 28 I think.

The recording happens in the cloud at Microsoft, I think you can not do anything here beside open a ticket to the Microsoft support.


As a tipp: I record important sessions additionally with OBS on my local computer. But try beforehand whether your system can do it in terms of performance!

Hi @Tomislav Karafilov 


Thanks again for such rapid response and your suggestions. I doubt that Microsoft will have the time to investigate what went wrong, so I'll skip the ticket, but I'll take look at OBS !


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This just happened to me, too. It seems to be a recurring problem!

Sorry for the dumb question, but how does one open a support ticket for streams issues ?