using IDWeb groups for access to Stream channel




I manage CommsCentral, the internal site for all the comms/PR people around the world; the site has an elaborate permissions scheme, made up of dozens of IDWeb and SharePoint groups. We currently use the O365 video tool for videos on the site; this works great because we can set permissions on videos by using our IDWeb groups. We are now looking to use Stream, but we need to maintain the same "restrictive" permissions scheme. When creating a channel in Stream, the two options for channel access are "companywide" or "group channel"--are these groups only groups that we create in Stream, or can we somehow use other aliases/groups, such as IDWeb groups?







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Can you elaborate more what is an IDWeb Group? Stream only supports Office 365 Groups:

@Juan Carlos González Martín Hello Juan Carlos, I lost track of this question, but I appreciate your response. I'm going to modify the original question: on the Steam "home" page, under the "Create" menu, I do not have the option to create a group:





I am a v-dash--can only FTEs create groups? Or does my manager have to give me permissions to create a group? 


Thanks, Bill