user unable to select external encoder for live events

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Hello and good day!  I have a user who is the admin of her Yammer group, can create live events in Stream, holds an E5 license but can only select Quick Start in Teams and not external encoder.

Any thoughts?

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are they trying to select public event? This doesn't support external encoder just yet. You need to use org or the other option when using external encoder currently.

The Yammer group she is using is public, but both my regular and QA accounts work just fine.


Confirm if the user has External Encoder Enabled.... check out the detailed instructions in enabling-external-encoder-in-microsoft-teams-live-events ...Or the attached document...


Hope this helps...

Thanks Julian.  I will reach out to my IT dept to see if they can check this setting.

Thanks, Do please tag as solved if it works :D

Running the cmdlets in the article did not unlock the section for external encoders I'm finding out. I've waited almost 24 hours and it's not seen in my Teams client as available yet. Is this another "by design" by MSFT I'm wondering? 

I'm sure Microsoft will make it a simple checkbox in the admin future... for now we have to use the powershell route...


Back to powershell...Did you get the output 

"AllowBroadcastScheduling : True" for the command "Get-CsTeamsMeetingBroadcastPolicy -identity Global"... This is key for enabling this option... and this needs to be done in the

1) Create Live Events Policy ->  ensure it has "allow Scheduling" enabled

2) Check if user has this policy assigned


Let me know if it worked...

Thank you. This worked, I think there was some confusion on the Encoder box being grey but the support for the Ext. Encoder was indeed enabled. Thanks for the quick reply.