Uploading Videos In Microsoft Stream

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There is only the concept of Channels and Groups in Microsoft Stream while uploading videos.


Can i upload my videos in the format given below??


A. Videos        
  A.1  Video 1      
  A.2  Video 2      
  A.3  Video 3      
    A.1.1 Videos    
      A.1.1.1  Video 1  
      A.1.1.2  Video 2  
    A.1.2 Videos    
      A.1.2.1  Videos  
        A.  Video 1
        A.  Video 2
        A.  Video 3
        A.  Video 4
        A.  Video 5
        A.  Video 6
      A.1.2.2  Videos  
        A.  Video 1
        A.  Video 2
        A.  Video 3
        A.  Video 4


If yes, please provide me the process how it can be done.


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Sorry I'm not following the question or your table.


Stream supports organizing videos as follows...

  1.  by themselves as single files (no organization)
  2. into company wide channels (company wide channels have no sub- organization under them)
  3. into a group (tied to an O365 group)
  4. into a channel inside a group (2nd level organization under a group)

We don't have any other organization methods. No other ways to have multiple levels of hierarchy. No other way to group videos into playlists, etc.


Only other way you can loosly tie videos together is with a #hastag. Clicking the #hashtag will search for other videos with the same #hastag.