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I uploaded a bunch of videos but during the upload my PC hang up and I had to restart. Now some videos are uploaded but for some it displays "Uploading... 0% " in "My Videos".


Is there a way to restart the upload for those displaying "Uploading... 0%"?

I added the videos from a folder and do not want to check which video was uploaded and which not.


Thanks for your help.

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Hi Oegl,


Thanks for using Microsoft Stream.

I tried closing the Internet Explorer session while uploading videos, then login to check my videos, also have the same result as you described, showing uploading....0%. with (draft) marked.

Currently there is no available way to resume the uploading, we need to delete that video and start a new uploading, to have the video uploaded.

For those videos that are being uploaded, stream should kept their titles, which should be helpful to find them in the folder.

Besides, please submit ideas regarding video uploading resume, post back the idea link and I will vote for it.




Thanks for your reply!

Here is the link Idea resume uploading

I know it is too late for you maybe, but just today I struggled with this issue myself.
I found this solution, also here in the forum, to "replace (corrupt) video"<VIDEOID>?open=ReplaceVideo


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