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Hi, I was in the understanding that I could edit the video of the webinar we did in teams. Our internet fell out a few times so these pieces I wanted to cut. The result is that I have a video of 10 seconds in stead of 47 minuten. Is there a way to undo this? To get the whole recording back? I realy realy hope so!

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@annhigh With the trim feature you can only cut from the beginning and/or from the end a piece, not in between. If you save your edit, the original video is replaced with your shorter video. No way back! No Backup, no copy, no new version, ... You can try to open a ticket to Microsoft, if you are quick and hope Microsoft can restore the video, but I would say there is no change.


To cut pieces from inside the video you have to download the video from Stream, edit it localy with a video production tool or the Windows 10 integrated Video Editor and reupload it to Stream.

@Tomislav Karafilov  thank you for your response... So that is that then :(

Good to know for a next time.... a good way to learn :)