Unable to record Teams meeting in Stream



We are receiving complaints from users that they are unable to record TEAMS meetings today (24th March). They were able to record and access till Friday and no changes in permissions were made. 

Can you check once please, or any other users complaining?. Our users are located in Europe (Madrid). 



Sachin Ranka.

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Hi @Sachin RANKA can you please clarify what error you see, or is the 'record' option just not showing up in Teams like it used to?  

They can see the option "start recording" but see it as disabled.

Thanks @Sachin RANKA can you please check out this doc that describes the permissions needed to enable this?  You likely need to follow up with the admin on this.  One example is that you may not have permissions to upload ANY videos to Stream, which impacts teams meeting recordings not being able to be recorded.  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/cloud-recording

Hi, I got confirmations that users were able to record teams meeting yesterday (Thursday, 25th March). to users. No changes on permissions were done like i mentioned they were able to record on previous Friday (20th March).
And Since it was visible on 24th March for us and because our tenant also is in Europe - I believe it was because of Infrastructure issue (Full thread here : https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-stream-service-updates/extended-recovery-stream-exp...)

But many thanks @garrettbronnery for following up and responses.

Ok good to hear!  @Sachin RANKA