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I have uploaded a video my orgs. Stream site so it now sits in the My Video section and I can watch it.  However, when I click the Publish Now button or link, the cursor briefly changes to a no entry sign and nothing happens!  There is no feedback like error messages. 

Do i need to be assigned a specific role or function to be able to publish videos to my organisation?  It looks like I am the first person in my org. to use the Stream service.


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Hi @Man1x, could you please help us with some more information

  • Try publishing again, if it fails
  • Click on the "?" in the top left part of navigation header, click "About Microsoft Stream". 
  • On the screen that shows up, please note your session ID and share with us so that we can look up logs to see what's happening.

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Hi, still not publishing, so here is my Session ID:


Hey @Man1x, we are in fact seeing your requests on the back-end, but there are some strange things we are seeing.  


For starters, the HTTP requests that are expected to be PATCH are coming in as "METHOD_OTHER"


Are you by chance running behind some sort of proxy/firewall that could be adding headers to your requests?  We are also seeing a buch of "X-SSL" related headers that we are not used to seeing from users.

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Hi @Man1x,


After further investigation we do believe your organization network has a firewall or proxy server that is intercepting and manupulating traffic in a way that it breaks Microsoft Stream functionality. More specifically, HTTP PATCH requests (and possibly DELETE) are being modified by the proxy in a way that make them invalid when received by our service. It looks like this may happen with firewall devices/servers which are not up-to-date with HTTP standards.


At this time the only recommendation we have is to contact your IT adminstrator about this issue and verify the possibility to upgrade your proxy/firewall software or change its rules in a way it doesn't intercept traffic to *





Thanks for all of your investigations.  Yes I did not mention that I was inside a firewall as the video uploaded OK.  I have passed on your suggestions to our IT department and I will test the Publish action again.  I would like to keep using this service in our business so this would be a blocker.

@Vishal Sood I'm having this same issue, session ID is 0d46bf22-d6a2-466c-ac44-e7a18007d769. I've uploaded this video several times and for some reason it won't publish. Can you please help?