Turn off people/face detection on tenant level?

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Now that people / face detection is available for other licenses (E3) as well, is there a possibly to turn it off on tenant level as we might get some questions around this feature?

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Would also like the option to at-least have this disabled by default.
Hi guys,

There isn't an ability to wholly turn off people detection at a tenant level but it is a great idea. There isn't a Uservoice for Stream like Office 365 or Teams. However, I have raised this for you at the Microsoft Stream Ideas which you can now vote on -


According to the following article owners of the video should be able to hide people in the timeline, but this is very much a workaround to what you actually need.


Hope I answered your question. If I have please like and set as the solution. If there is anything else you need please let me know! Hope to answer more of your questions soon!

Best, Chris

Are there any updates for this?