Trying to get German transcript?

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I tried to upload a meeting that was recorded. The language is german so when I uploaded the mp4 file, I chose german and chose to create a transcript. I'm hoping I can then download the transcript and run it through translator and translate it to English. I would have hoped that I would be offered to auto-translate it into another language but that feature doesn't seem to be there yet


The problem is that after processing, there is no transcript available? Has German been released yet? Why ask for the language and offer German if it doesn't work? 




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Hi @boflynn,

Currently, only English and Spanish are available for auto-generated captions

With other languages currently, you actually have to upload a custom caption file. I imagine that auto-transcript will be available for other languages in the future.

Hope this answers your question!

Best, Chris
Cool thanks - I just thought it would have rolled out by now :(



In German language, need to manage something like this reasonably and might have the option to assist you with figuring out the organization. 

Currently under development per roadmap here

- Generate transcript on demand for a video in other languages besides English
- Upload subtitles for alternate languages

Hope that helps!

Best, Chris