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This week I’ve started having issues creating Stream videos. I  am doing what I always do create my stream videos, but now every time I try to trim a video I get this message (see attached) and it won’t allow me to trim the video. It only started this week. I’ve never run into this issue before. In order to edit my videos in Video Editor I need to turn the stream video into an mp4 by  trimming it. So I am kind of stuck. Reloading and refreshing do not help.


Any idea what’s going on? Anyone else getting these error messages when attempting to trim?

"We ran into a problem. Please reload this page and try again. SessionID: 77857f3f-2fe3-4e28-a2b5-223bfed36e9c"




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Following, as I'm receiving the same error message when I attempt to trim a video in Microsoft Stream. Did you discover a workaround? @erica1260 

Hi! @BlueSky1575 


I never figured out anything. Our IT department told me to restart my computer. LOL.


I decided to start filming using powerpoint of all things, since i needed good screen capture recording. Then I could have it ready locally as an .mp4 to bring into Video Editor to trim and edit. Worked nicely.


Thanks for the tip!