Transfer/Move/Copy O365 Stream video content from one tenant to another with admin rights on both

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Does anybody know if there is method to transfer/copy/move O365 Stream video data from one O365 Stream tenant to another O365 Stream Tenant (different domains, different accounts; but, same admin for both) ; directly cloud to cloud without the need to download data locally, and then upload data. Once again the admin for both the accounts is the same. I know you can drag and drop from the local machine to cloud but can it be done cloud to cloud via browsers. Or, some other 3rd party application or any O365 organic protocol for this?

I know does not do this, not sure about ShareGate or organically within MS O365 Stream itself. Since these are large files to move and can take time to do, thus the option to do a set up would be nice.


Thank You.  

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@Ashwin Nanda  Currently not possible for anyone because of missing Stream API. You can only do it manually via downloading and uploading.

@Ashwin Nanda If you are still looking for Stream migration, try third party app Apps4Pro Migration manager. It migrates all stream videos including channel settings.