Title length not 30 characters - currently it seems to be 100


In the documentation "" under "Details/Title and Description" a title length of 30 characters are mentioned. I have tried to enter more then 30 chars and it worked. Current Limit seems to be at 100 characters. Editing the docs page was not possible for me.


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Hi @Tomislav Karafilov

Just tested this morning with a Title of


It cut it off at


Which is exactly 100 characters.

The page does not look to be editable per

@Vishal Sood - can this page

Be updated to show a limit of 100 characters in the title instead of 30?

Best, Chris

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@Tomislav Karafilov I fixed up the help doc changing it from 30 to 100, it should be live in the next 10 mins. Thanks for sending along.

Hi Marc, have you noticed that the auto generated name from a Teams meeting may exceed 100 characters and consequently, mess up with the attributes and sharing aspects of the video ?

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