The video could not be found - in PowerPoint (it can be found in PowerPoint online, though)

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When I embed a Stream video in PowerPoint I get the error message "The video could not be found". The link is working in the browser, though. It even works when opening the exact same presentation in PowerPoint online. Any idea how to solve this mystery? 

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@MARK13 - Two questions: 1) Are you signed into the PowerPoint desktop app with the same account that you use to access Stream? 2) Is your PowerPoint desktop app a recent enough version, per



@ChrisKnowlton Thanks for looking into my issue. I'm signed in with the same account as online. I'm having Office 365. PowerPoint version is: 16.0.11929.20618.

@MARK13 - I can't tell if you looked at the article I linked to. If I'm reading your reply correctly, you're running PowerPoint for Mac with a version that is older than the specified 16.26.19060901. Is that correct?



@ChrisKnowlton Thanks for pointing me to updates. Usually, I'm receiving updates automatically. I assumed I was having the latest version, but not so. I updated to the most recent version available to me: 16.0.11929.20708. I'm on Windows. Unfortunately, the update didn't help.


I noticed a funny behaviour: I'm signed in with my work account. Once I insert a Stream video PowerPoint automatically switches to my private account saying: Unfortunately, we cannot connect with your account. Please sign in again to solve the problem. (I translated from German. The English text might be slightly different.) Even if I switch back manually to my work account I cannot access the embedded video. I'm not getting any error messages when signed in with my work account. The private account is the one I use to sign in with Windows.

@ChrisKnowlton: Any news on this issue? Is there anything I can do? I am happy to provide additional information.

@MARK13 - I'm not a PowerPoint licensing expert, but from the version number you provided, I think you must be running PowerPoint 2016. Is that correct? My theory, based on the article I linked to above and the fact that PowerPoint keeps trying to route you to an active Microsoft online account, is that you'd need to be running the Office 365 subscription version of PowerPoint, which would have a version number somewhere between 1906 and 2006. Does that make sense?

@ChrisKnowlton I'm on Office 365. I did another update a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, the problem persists. When I insert the Stream video PowerPoint switches to my private Microsoft account. I cannot play the video, even if I manually switch back to my business Microsoft account.