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I recorded a 3 hour long meeting on Teams. When I open the chat there is a downloadable video of the meeting, however it is only 11 mins long. I checked on Microsoft stream and the video does not appear. 

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@CarlosZayas3 Teams meeting recordings are now saved to OneDrive (Standard Calendar meetings - scheduled or Meet Now) and SharePoint of the Team (Channel meetings-scheduled or Meet Now) to a folder named 'Recordings'. Stream is changing so that all storage of videos will be within OneDrive/SharePoint (ODSP) and the new Stream app (scheduled to be coming later this quarter) will work with all videos stored in ODSP.

Any chance that you had a Breakout Room at the start of the meeting where it cuts off? I have noticed that recordings can cut-off at the point of Breakout Rooms depending who is recording the session and who was the organiser. The only workaround I know is to restart the recording after returning from Breakout Rooms.