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I want to synch a video with Airplay from iPad to Apple TV. This is not working - the circle is running around and never stops...


I‘m not sure how Apple TV is working in that case and maybe it fails when accessing the video from Apple TV due to missing authentication.


Is there a way to synch Stream videos to Apple TV?


Does anyone managed this use case?


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Can you elaborate more how this question is related to Microsoft Stream?

Dear Juan Carlos,


of course. :)


The use case is as following:

- employees or students want to watch informational or training videos on various devices and not only within a browser - e.g. at home or in meeting rooms where TVs are attached to an Apple TV
- therefore a video platform should be available on all devices as native app. In my opionen this is true for iOS and Android devices (where an App is still missing) as well as for Apple TVs or Fire TV (and similar), where an native App is also missing. Think also about a Surface Hub, where a Stream App is also not available.

Currently I‘m trying to synch the browser window to Apple TV and when I‘m switching to fullscreen, the video is not loading and showing up on the Apple TV. I do not know why, because this is possible with various videos on the web. But not with Microsoft Stream unfortunately - maybe due to Authentication issues on the Apple TV, if my assumption is true, that the Apple TV tries to load the video by itself.

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