Survey: Viewing videos at work - help us learn more about how people watch work videos


Microsoft is diving deeper into how people view videos at work so we can better understand the right next features and enhancements to do around video playback for Microsoft Stream.

We are seeking feedback from anyone within your organizations who watch work videos.

Please fill out the survey below and pass on this link to others within your organization who watch videos for work:



(If the embedded survey is not working for you, please take the survey here)


Your responses to this survey will directly help us determine what types of features and enhancements we should be working on next for Microsoft Stream.


2 Replies
The age ranges seem very odd. 20-25 but then it's 51 and older? You don't think boomers/older Gen X watch videos inside enterprises???

Thank you for this Survey. I think interactive communication is so important, especially internally to employees. I also see the need for an internal app for podcasting. I recently moved into the sales section, and i am baffled that we have so many tools, yet the majority make employees first go through a rigorous sign in process just to tell them they have to download the content on their devices. This is counterproductive to what should be a seamless experience for on the go content. A lot of feedback I get is that while people love video, they also love audio as they spend a lot of time in a car or plane. I would love to see Microsoft Stream expand to include Audio files, with the same capabilities and metrics as video files. 


I have spent over a month trying to find the right person to connect with this in my company. Microsoft Stream is such a great platform and easy authentication, maybe this is where that discussion would have most value.