Survey - Screen Recording at your organization


Hey Stream users, if you've ever had to make or share a video with screen recording, we'd love to hear from you! We're seeking to understand screen recording needs and workflows.

Link to survey - please fill out this survey or pass it on to others within your organizations who use screen recording.

Thanks! Your feedback is incredibly valuable and helps inform product decisions. 


The Microsoft Stream team

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Still not possible to share a Stream video with people outside Microsoft? All the Teams recordings get sent to Stream but I can't find a way of sharing them with people outside. Help!
Hi @mikesnodgrass

It was recently announced at SPC19 that sharing Stream videos with anonymous users was planned to be added before the end of the calendar year. It wasn’t a 100% commit - but MS wanted to assure people that they are actively working on it.

Lots of people wish to see this be added - probably as much as private channels in Teams.

Hope that helps!

Best, Chris
Great just completed! Looking forward to the results!

Best, Chris
got it - thank you! As a workaround, I had to download the stream video and then upload it to the Teams site in the files section. Then the external people could download it and watch it.