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Hello, I wanted to know if it was possible to export the subtitles from Stream in a text format once generated? Thank you.

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Hi @FredJoucla

Yes, it is possible to download the caption file from the stream video. Please see article here

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris
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@Christopher Hoard and @FredJoucla - I just created a little web utility that takes in the downloaded VTT file and clears out everything except the transcript text. I hope this helps a bit.


See the section at the end of the help docs here:

This is awesome thanks @Marc Mroz I have already made several recommendations of this to people.

Best, Chris

Cool tool, @Marc Mroz ! Tested it! Works!

The section you mentioned is only available in the English documentation. In German it is missing.Stream_Text_From_Transcript_OnlyInEnglisch.PNG

@Tomislav Karafilov - I think it takes several weeks after I make changes to the help docs before it get localized and published in other languages. We should check in a few weeks and see if it's there then.

@Christopher Hoard  What about a find/replace feature for words- or training it to recognize certain words more accurately? I recently recorded a seminar and uploaded and had to edit the many variations of the word "Bluebeam" to about 5x different interpretations?


Also the editor is a pain to operate to correct words/terms. needs an "Edit transcript" mode to click on each line of the transcript and playback feature (as it has) without continuing to the next line. Also a "merge" feature for minutes of conversation or text would be useful.


An audio ID would also be useful based on voice recog- but that may be pushing things a bit : )


I like your ideas. These would be good ideas to raise on the official uservoice here:

There is a lot of exciting development with Stream ahead. Unfortunately, I'm not part of the product team and so can't confirm that any of this is on the radar - however, I am sure that these have been thought of at some point. I would vote for the uservoices if you raise them. Make sure to search the uservoice first as somebody could have previously raised for it.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard The others were already up there - but the edit mode for transcripts is here:

And merginf paragraphs is here:


Would you happen to know how they backup and manage, batch backups, updates and takedown information is located? I posted here- but havent recieved a response yet.: