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I set up teams recording for a meeting that ended up being more that 8 hours long. I see that it was "automatically split" I'm guessing due to time; however there is now a big chunk of my meeting missing. Please help? I take minutes and have to refer back to specific discussions - now I cannot find it. Is there any way to prevent this "auto split?"  

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@Rachaelm_sefa - As far as I understand today teams meeting recordings can only be a max of 4 hours long and thus you got your recording split into multiple. I would have assumed that you wouldn't have a gap in between the recordings, so I'm not sure what happened there. 


I'm guessing though that the gap isn't recoverable at this point, but you could have your admin open a support ticket and see if anything can be done or not. 


Also here is the Microsoft Teams forum where these sorts of questions for the Teams product group could be better answered by Teams folks: Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Tech Community