Streams for mass sharing videos vs Sharepoint

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We are a college and currently have an internal web server with over 1000 videos on that we wish to replace as its all custom web code (thats breaks!) and we'd like to remove the dependency on yet another server.


We were considering sharepoint but are finding it limiting on filenames and searching so was considering streams.  My concern is that streams seems great for sharing video between people but not so easy to make shared from a centralized point and shared out. If I create a channel as me presumably it uses my O365 space and if I leave presumably the content goes with me. I can just create a static user that effectively owns all the content but not sure if there is a better way or if I am understanding correctly how it all works?

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Have you seen this, which expands on how to organise content? 


Groups & channel settings


You create a group, create channels, add videos etc. and the content belongs to the group and you can add multiple owners to manage the group accordingly.  




This means it doesn't matter who created the group first and what happens to their account, as you can have multiple owners who can step in and manage the group, the same as you can.


Does that make it any clearer?