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The documentation Microsoft provides is a little confusing to me.  I have a client who has office 365, E3 plan, they want to use stream to host a few videos.  We have it up and running, as according to MS stream is included with the E3 plan.  However, it seems to have given us the Stream Plan 2 with a 90 day trial.  What happens after this 90 day trial?  


Can anyone assist me here to better understand what the implication is after the 90 days?  Can the users upload and view videos still after the 90 days, but without the other features of the stream plan 2?


Thanks in advance for any help.





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Yeah, Stream plan 2 is just the extended features they let you try out. When it expires you will continue to work as you did. If you break out your E3 license item you will see "Stream for Office 365" that is the regular license for Stream access via E3.
Totally agree here with Christopher!

Thanks Christopher!  Is there any way to just opt out of the trial?  Our users are all being asked to join the trial.  Its confusing for them.

There is a setting to opt out of trials in general in the settings tab or org settings in admin center. if you find it before I get to a computer let me know otherwise I’ll find where it is exactly and get back to you.


I cant seem to locate it :(

It’s under settings > services and addins > user owner apps and services. Then there is a tick box there.

Thanks a bucket load :)  will check it out.


If the "STREAM" option is missing from services and Addins, does this likely mean that they are on business essentials or not licenced for stream?

I am also confused by this product.  I am a tenant admin with an O365 E3 license assigned to me yet i can see no sign of Stream in the admin center (other than buying P2 in subscription) and i also seemed to have signed up as a trial user.  The ability to trial products is already turned off as per the setting mentioned above.

@SThackeray I cant find it anymore either :)  After the trial your licence will just revert to the free version, so its still usable, but you wont get things like transcribing.  But for a video portal in an enterprise the free version is great.


But yeah, opt out of trial should work.

Hi @Warren Patterson ,


I realised while i had the correct license assigned i needed to expand and enable Streams which is an optional extra not turned on by default.