Stream video upload does not play sound, only video

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Hello, I have an MP4 video that was created using TechSmith Capture on iPhone that has video and audio.  The video is perfectly fine on YouTube, however when I upload to Microsoft Stream it is missing the audio track.


What's even more interesting is if you turn on closed captioning, it reads all the audio I am speaking, however it will not play sound.  I have tried playing directly from a Microsoft Teams Stream embed on my computer, my phone, and from the Stream site itself. Still no sound.


Any ideas on why YouTube has no issues but Stream does?

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I am having this same issue.  Any luck with this?

On mobile, yes, it's really dumb.  You have to click Audio and Subtitles, then Audio codec should be "aac_und_2_128_1_1"


Originally it was "aac_und_2_127_1_2"


I have not figured out how to get it working on Desktop app or desktop web.

@Marc Capistrano and @Erin Chalmers - Would you be willing to send me a private message and send me the original video file (or a sample that has the same issue)? We will have an easier time trying to figure out the issue if you give us a sample video file with the issue.


Sorry you are running into problems with these files.

I'm also having the same issue on a number of my videos. When I download the original files from Stream, some of the affected videos are fine (audio and video are both good), but some of them don't play using Windows Media Player at all or even in 3rd party software like Adobe Premiere Pro.

@Marc Mroz 

I am experiencing the same issue. After uploading in MS Stream, my mp4 file does not play any sound.

Is this been fixed now?

Do I need to change audio codec using a software like Stellar?

@Marc Capistrano 


I have the same problem, I use recording software for gaming that works perfectly everywhere else except for Microsoft Stream. I'm trying to use it for work purposes now, and its forcing me to just use youtube. Please resolve this issue with an intuitive fix so its transparent to the users or publish a workaround and send to those who have inquired.

@Marc Capistrano I have the same issue. We use Teams and record online meetings. I can get the video and transcript to run, but no audio. I have 6 sets of speakers that I have to choose from on Chroms when replaying a WEbEx meeting. A USB headset, a bluetooth headsset, Intel speakers(?), laptop speakers (REalTech Audio), and even a couple of my monitors have speakers. I can't figure out where I can go in MS Edge to get the Streams video to play audio on my headset...or anywhere, for that matter. I don't see an answer here although the thread is 2 years old. :^]