Stream video captioning on SharePoint

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I have uploaded a video to Microsoft Stream, and manually added my own captions to this.  When viewing the video on Stream the captions work perfectly, however I have also uploaded the link to a SharePoint page, however the captions do not show when the video is on SharePoint.  I can still see the transcript on SharePoint, but for some reason the captioning does not work for the video on SharePoint.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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@gskinnerucl Are you embedding the video from Stream into a SharePoint site? Or are you downloading the video from Stream and uploading it to SharePoint?


If the video is just embeded/using the Stream webpart in a SP page clicking the CC button on the player or gear > picking the language should show the transcript as capations. 


If you are uploading the video directly to SharePoint, we don't yet support closed captions or transcripts for videos physically uploaded/stored in SharePoint. 

@Marc Mroz any timeline for how close we are to getting closed captioning and transcripts on uploaded videos?