Stream Users cannot see Channels

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For some reason, some of our users who have been added to a group via teams cannot see any of the videos in Stream.


There is a Channel that is attached to that group in stream and all videos are uploaded there. The 'display' box is ticked for the group so they can see it. 


Any ideas?

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@Colin Smith - I'm sorry you are running into an issue. I haven't heard this one before. Do the users can get to the group and channel in Stream but there are no videos in it? Or these users don't have access to the group/channel in Stream at all, it's as if it's private to them? Do you have a screen shot or more info to share?


We can try and help out here on the forums with some simple troubleshooting, but you might want to open up a support ticket to get fully support looking into it.

A little more information:


It seems that if you go to "My Groups" then none of the teams they are a member of actually appear, this could be the reason why they do not have access to the channels.


Is there a problem with sync between teams/Groups and Stream groups?

It does sound like there is an issue for your tenant with the syncing of O365 Groups (and their membership) into Stream. If Stream doesn't know a user is a member of an O365 Group then we'd block access to the videos/channels in the group and the group itself.


I just checked and there aren't any open incidents that seem related, so this isn't a known issue. 


Could you open up a support ticket so we can have our support team start looking into it. They can escalate it up to us in the product group for deeper investigation as needed.

Ok, how do you raise a ticket?

If you are a Global Admin for your tenant you can get to the support issue tool from within Stream admin.  From Stream > Click your profile picture > Admin settings > Support > Submit a ticket


However if you aren't a global admin for your tenant you'll need to talk with someone in IT for your organization and/or put in an internal help ticket for your organization. Only global admins can open up support tickets to Microsoft for O365 issues.

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@Colin Smith - Do you happen to know if your groups/teams use "hidden membership"?


I just talked with one of our on call engineers and there is an open incident related to Stream not being able to recognize the correct membership of a group when hidden membership is enabled for the group. This just started happening since our last deployment.


We are actively working on fixing this issue and getting it deployed as fast as we can but it will likely take a few days or so. As a workaround if a member is upgraded to be an owner of the group Stream works correctly.  So sorry for this bug.

Ok I can confirm making them the owner allows them (eventually) to see the videos.


How can I change the teams hidden membership option? Its not really required for the team and that would I asusme also resolve the issue?

@Colin Smith - I'm not an expert on how this hidden membership works with O365 Groups. But from a quick investigation, it looks like there isn't a way to change this setting after the group is created. (


It looks like for EDU customers using the SDS service to create groups/Teams automatically for classes, this hidden membership setting is set automatically and there doesn't seem to be a way to change it. (


Update on Fix: 

It turns out this issue seems harder to fix/address than we thought originally yesterday. The issue is that we change significantly how we sync group membership into Stream (to help improve scale/performance of syncing) and with this change we introduced this problem. We are in discussions with the AAD team inside MS to try and track down the correct way for us to fix this problem. It will likely take us some time to find the right fix and deploy it. So sorry.

@Colin Smith


Update on fix:

We are working on a hot fix right now that should be done soon. It will take a few days to fully deploy that hot fix to all regions, but you should have this working again soon. Sorry for our bug.

Great, thanks. Obviously security issues with having to make someone an owner.
Hi @Marc Mroz, can you let us know the update on the hidden membership issue.
We still have some users who get this message : "Unable to display videos because you are not authorized to do so".
It comes directly when tried on the Stream URL > Discover tab > Videos tab.

Thanks | Sachin Ranka.

Hello@Colin Smith 


We have experienced the same problem in our organization and it was solved by accessing to Microsoft Stream platform, then clicking in finding tab groups option, then editing the group by a member that can see it,  deactivating and saving, and activating and saving the option "Allow all members contribute." in order to save the group state properly.


Best regards / Saludos.

@lmejias  This worked for us as well. 

@Marc Mroz 


Hi found out that we have this problem and tried the quick fix. This worked find and the user were connected to the stream group. The problem is that there are al lot of groups with different owners so this is not a good solution in the long end. We dont now how many users that are affected and what happens when new user or group is created?