Stream Usage Policy Examples


We switched over from Office 365 to Stream today and I thought I'd share the wording on the usage policy that our users click through on their first upload. Bear in mind it doesn't touch on heavy stuff like retention requirements, and as a best practice it sends users to our company policy center for official heavyweight stuff. It's very simple, and I kept the simple formatting as much as I could, but the hyperlinks are not all here because of course, not publicly available! ...Feedback is welcome, and by all means, share your own version.


Do This

  • Consider your audience (global, professional, time-constrained, and future viewers as well as now)
  • Post short videos (viewers may stay through the end to thank you)
  • Respect the hosts (if you're not sure your video is suitable for the group or channel… ask first)
  • Protect your brand (nothing is anonymous; what will this content say about you?)
  • Keep private content private (if you don't know how to manage privacy in Stream… learn here)
  • Honor Cargill's policies (find electronic communications, anti-harassment, and other policies here)
  • Make the most of Stream's features (learn here)

​Avoid This​

  • Violating copyright (if you or Cargill don't own the rights, don't post the content, period)
  • Solicitation (imagine dozens of videos with Kickstarter and GoFundMe pitches… yeah, we can't either)
  • Profanity (for goodness' sake)
  • Oversharing (Stream is not a personal vlog; Cargill owns all uploaded content)
  • Ready – Fire – Aim (we're here to help you!)​​
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Just starting to write ours! Thanks for the sample!