Stream usage logs

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HI @Marc Mroz I am trying to use the unified audit logs to get Microsoft Stream usage which I am then using Power BI to create visualisations.  I have an issue where the information in the logs is not matching up with the information in the Stream user interface.  I have as an example one video where i have 276 views showing in stream but the logs have 348 entries for views for that video.  I wander if there is a simple explanation for this and if so how I would filter any unwanted results out?  THe only thing i can think of is the logs may capture sombody repeatedly refreshing the video page and count each one as a view but the views on the Stream page somehow filters this out.  WIthout knowing i cannot really use the logs to give accurate usage analysis to the business as the mismatch would immediatly create an issue of trusting the data.

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