Stream team @ Ignite 2018


We'll have a bunch of our Microsoft Stream team at Ignite in Orlando next week.  Here is how you can connect with us!


Stop by the Stream booth, in the Microsoft "Teamwork" section.


Sign up for a specific side meeting with someone from our team:


Watch/attend one of the full sessions about Stream or one of the sessions where Stream will be featured: 

Tuesday, 10:15AM, BRK2242 - 45min

Speakers: Christina Torok; Archana Nair

Successfully embrace video adoption across your organization with Microsoft Stream

Organizations are rapidly adopting video to enable a more collaborative and informed digital workplace. Join this session to learn how to successfully use video to enable better employee engagement, more impactful communications, and rejuvenate the way your organization shares information.


Thursday, 10:10AM, THR2309 - 20min

Speakers: Vishal Sood

Microsoft Stream updates for hosting live events and more

Join lead engineer Vishal Sood to see and hear about the latest updates to Microsoft Stream - your intelligent and integrated video service in Office 365. We'll look at the new capability to create and stream live events and admin updates for managing Microsoft Stream.


Thursday, 2:50PM, THR2338 - 20 mins

Speakers: Christina Torok

Video is impacting the way organizations communicate, share information, and grow engagement across a distributed employee base. Join us to learn how Microsoft Stream is empowering organizations to embrace video and change the way they evolve to a more digital workplace.


Friday, 9:00AM, BRK2132- 75min

Speakers: Marc Mroz; Amit Rajput

Transform the way your organization uses video with Microsoft Stream live event streaming, mobile enhancements and deeper integrations across Office 365 applications

Video is changing the way organizations manage communications, collaboration and knowledge sharing. In this session, we will take a step-by-step look at delivering studio-grade live event broadcasts, demonstrate how integrating video into your Office 365 applications can drive deeper engagement and detail new Microsoft Stream features that are changing the way video can be used today.


Or attend one of the other sessions where Microsoft Stream will be mentioned:

  • BRK2101 - Drive employee engagement with Yammer, SharePoint & Stream
  • BRK2136 - SharePoint innovations for intranets and portals: Live on stage!
  • BRK2451 - Content Collaboration in the Modern Workplace
  • THR1088 - Build your in-house online training center with Microsoft Stream
  • THR2138 - Stream meetings with Microsoft Teams Live Events
  • THR2241 - Meetings best practices in Microsoft Teams
  • THR2309 - Microsoft Stream updates for hosting live events and more
  • THR2373 - Managing an intelligent live events service across Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Stream in the Microsoft enterprise
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@Marc Mroz do you which of these (if not all) will be broadcast/recorded?