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Here are the facts:

We are a school. We are using Stream to record quizzes for fine arts classes. Teachers need to be able to view the video. Other students should not be able to view each others' videos.


Here is the issue:

When a student shares a video with a teacher's email, the teacher still cannot view the video. Even when the permissions appear to be set correctly. Teacher can only view videos that have been shared "company wide" - which we DO NOT want to do for student privacy purposes.



How can we ensure that videos can be shared within our tenant but only with specific people. Even when the student adds a teacher as an approved user, the teacher cannot view the media. HELP please.

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It's not ideal, but have you tested creating a channel for each student and then sharing that with the teacher?

@Suzannah Calvery - I'm sorry you are running into problems with permissions in Stream.


I think we can accomplish something close to what you are after with the current permission settings in Stream.


Here is what I think would work. Can you try this and see if it accomplishes what you want?

  • Student uploads a video.
  • Student goes to the permissions tab > unchecks the box "Allow everyone in your company to view this video"
  • Student adds the teacher as a viewer or owner.
    • Permissions tab > Under "Shared with" change the search drop down to "people" 
    • Search for the name of the teacher, and add them.
    • Either leave the teacher as viewer only or check the box to make the teacher an "owner" as well.
  • Student clicks the publish now button
  • Student then sends a link to their video to the teacher.

This will make the video private and only the student who uploaded it and the teacher can see it.


Here is what the permissions would look like after doing the above steps.


Private Video.png

Thanks Marc. We're going to try this. I'll post again when I see if it works or not.



Loryan - that's our next attempt. Thanks for the suggestion!

Unfortunately - creating a channel only appears to work if you open a group to share it with. We don't have a group. We just want to share it with the teacher and student.

If you just want to have a video shared with a teacher and a student, then my answer above should work for you.  The single video is private and shared only with the uploader (student) and the person they permissioned it to (teacher).


Is it that you don't want the student to have to do all those steps?


Marc - the problem is that even when we have the student do those steps, once we share the link - the teacher still cannot see the video. It displays as "not available". Even when we follow those instructions directly, the video remains un-viewable by anyone but the student unless we set permissions to "company wide".


We are considering having students upload to MSFT Video instead and sharing from there because we can't get a private video to share in Stream.

@Suzannah Calvery - Let me send you a private message and we can get more information, that shouldn't be the case. Videos shared to specific people/groups should work, you shouldn't have to make all your videos available to everyone for them to be viewed.


Sorry you are running into problems. We can talk further I'm hoping we can get things figured out.

FYI to others... I worked with Suzannah, it looks like things are working correctly with my instructions above when we run through them.


It's possible the student just failed to click "publish" which is why the teacher couldn't see the video.