Stream Number of Video Upload Limit

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Does anyone know why users are restricted to uploading 10 videos in Stream and how to change this upload limit.


The is the message users are receiving:

"The file could not upload. The 10 video-per-user quota has been reached"

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In our case, we saw this when we had applied the wrong Stream license to our users. There was one at the root, and then one under our E3 Suite. Once we enabled the one under E3 and disabled the one under the root, the 10 limit upload was removed.

Thanks James. We'll take a look at the licensing setup.

Is there any other chipper Licenses that can remove 10 limit upload ? or any other Licenses in general .
Thank You for responding.
Stream (Classic) is going to be retired. Our go forward solution is uploading videos to SharePoint or OneDrive or Teams. You can see all the licensing for those services.