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I know this is an issue that is going wide spread. I remember seeing an email stating that stream will no longer be automatically uploading recordings from teams, something about retiring the A1 license, if this is the case then what license is replacing this. Seems daunting for inexperienced personnel to have to manually download and then manually upload training content. Any suggestions on why the stop of this, and no other solution explained. 

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@jharper Thank you for posting this, I just went and posted a bit more about this change here:  


This is a change on Stream to ensure everything is running smoothly for our customers.  This change isn't about any permanent changes to A1 or retirement of that license, but a temporary change while Stream is working on infrastructure improvements.


As I mentioned in the other post A1 users can still record meetings and attendees can play back the recordings, so for the training scenario that should still work.  Of course there are many features in Stream like channels that wouldn't work so individuals would need to manually upload, though this help doc might help: 

If it is a training material you could have people use the Stream screen recorder and have it automatically record and it goes to Stream:


Additionally if you have some customers who need to have Teams meeting recordings auto-saved to Stream you can move those individuals over to the A3 license as this change was only for A1 licensees.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.  Cheers

@Daniel Escapa 

" Teams meeting recordings auto-saved to Stream you can move those individuals over to the A3 license" ; A3 license means, Office 365 A3 for Faculty or Microsoft 365 A3 for Faculty?