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There hasn't been any major news of Stream for months!

What is going on with Stream!? What's the current things you guys are working on? I'd love to just have a bit more insight into what's happening and when we can expect to see some more things appearing in Stream! I love what Stream can do and am super excited for things like Facial Recognition which I believe is in the works too, but have no idea as to when things like that might show up! :)

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Over the last few weeks, Microsoft Stream has had lots of activity on the Office 365 roadmap, for example here, so that's something to keep an eye on.  As you can imagine a lot of work is being put into the migration plan from Office 365 Video, so that must be a drain on being able to release new features all the time.  Good stuff is coming though.  Marc has been very open on the state of play, so its great there is a dialogue as the Stream feature set matures and will reach parity with Office 365 Video, the progress of which can be followed here.

A part of our team is focused on the O365 Video to Stream migration as mentioned above. We are also working on some really cool stuff for Stream as well.  You can see a bunch of the stuff on the O365 Roadmap now by searching for Stream.


Top things being worked on for our team right now are roughly....

GDPR support

O365 Video to Stream migration

Live video streaming and how that works across Skype Meeting Broadcast/Teams and other apps

Deployments to new data center regions

A bunch of other small to medium sized projects 

Thanks Marc!  Looks like viewer analytics have been added to the road map!  This is a great start and I hope it gives very rich analytics. Question as I consider using Camtasia, will it go into the exact viewer information? 


I'm an Office Mix user for university online education with embedded quizzes, screen recordings, etc.  I need to see exactly which students viewed the recorded lectures and how much time they spent viewing the lecture.  I need this for a whole host of legal reasons from federal regulations (FERPA)  to grade disputes.  I've used Adobe Captivate but the SCORM scoring transfers to Blackboard incorrectly.  I am trialing Camtasia but in the mean time using Steam (no user analytics) and MS Forms - good analytics to get pass the sun setting of MS Mix in May.


Also, will there be any integration to MS Forms for quizzing or to allow a Mix type of environment for grading purposes?  MS Mix integrated nicely into Blackboard for grading and I could pick up the viewer metrics from the Mix site. 




I would like to know about this too, even though they're is no regulation which given our internal corporate training, but a record of learner engagement with the content is important for our learning purposes. We don't need to track our marketing videos or announcements but at minimum who when how-long data is needed.