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Hi - Are there any plans or current functionality that will enable video recording to happen directly from the mobile Stream app and the content not saved onto the local device camera roll nor get uploaded automatically to icloud or Google cloud services? We have concerns around users recording sensitive videos meant for org consumption which we don't want in personal cloud services. At the moment it seems a user has to record through the native camera app then upload to stream. This means the video is stored locally and unsecure.



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Hi @Simon_Williams

Not yet. It's currently on the Microsoft 365 roadmap here

The roadmap says due Q4 CY2019, but the presentation from Ignite said Q1 2020 which is the case. You can actually see more and a demo of it in the presentation at Ignite here around the 16:00 minute mark

It doesn't unfortunately say where the video is stored. The information is forthcoming. I would assume that it goes up to Stream and is not stored on the local roll or up to ICloud however I can't confirm as there isn't an authoritative source yet. I would keep an eye on that Roadmap item and the notification centre in your Office/Microsoft 365 tenant

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
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@Christopher Hoard @Simon_Williams 


Christopher is correct.  We did a demo of the recording feature in Stream mobile during Ignite and it's planned to be released this quarter (Q3FY20).  


I can confirm that the recording stays with the Stream app and does NOT go to the camera roll.  Once you have finished the recording the flow immediately takes the user to our upload experience so the video can be safe and securely stored and shared from the Stream service.


We absolutely see the same concern that you have in terms of enterprise content getting to the camera roll and then getting automatically uploaded to a number of services.  This is one of the key value propositions of the feature and why we are investing in it.  We want to make sure our users can safety record enterprise content without having to worry about where it might end up. 


Thank you for the question and happy that we are working towards a solution for your need.


That is awesome @Mark_Schwesinger

Copying in my good friend @Tomislav Karafilov who would love to hear about this. We are both massive Stream advocates

Best, Chris

@Mark_Schwesinger you mention "released this quarter (Q3FY20)" but then mention Q3 of 2020.  Please clarify.  Thanks

In Microsoft terms Q3 Financial Year (FY) is Q1 Calendar Year (CY). Microsoft's Financial year is mid year to mid year.

Hope that helps

Best, Chris

@Scott Tupper 


@Christopher Hoard is correct.  The plan is to release it this quarter, which means by the end of March 2020.

Thank you for the clarification.  I have been testing the Stream app on my iphone via TestFlight and had not seen this functionality added yet.@Mark_Schwesinger 

Thank you @Christopher Hoard@Mark_Schwesinger I saw the demo of recording via the Microsoft Stream App in an Ignite session video and I am excited to get this feature!

@Mark_SchwesingerThankyou this is great information.