Stream keeps saying that my Login has expired and I need to login again - it interrupts the vidoe

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"Your session has expired"

"Choose OK to login again and continue"


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Is this happening no matter the browser you use? What about accessing Stream in an InPrivate session?

From the title it sounds like this happens as you are still actively playing the video?


We do have code that times out your session after it's idle for a while, but that shouldn't happen unless you leave the page open without doing anything for a longer time.


Can you open up a support ticket through your O365 Admin to Microsoft? The support person can help you gather needed info fiddler traces, etc to try and see what's happening.

My user also facing same problem. event playing video, it still will popup
"Your session has expired"
"Choose OK to login again and continue"

I already try use edge, chrome and Mozilla.

@Jun Kit Tang - Can you work with one of the people in your organization who can open up support tickets for O365? I think having a support person start pulling logs and session IDs when this happens might be the right next step to figure out what's happening in this specific case.

It seems this problem is still happening since 2018 up to now. Screenshot (105).png 

Is it possible if the user can edit in the settings the duration format? It shows in the settings that the duration format is only 1 min and 23 secs but it still expires in less than a minute, even when I am watching a video. 

Screenshot (108)_LI.jpg

Did you open the support ticket as advised by Mark?

@Earl VilloneThis issue is caused when the local machine has the wrong time or timezone. 


Make sure your local machine has the right timezone. Then change the time on the computer.

thank you man, this was exactly my issue, you just saved my life

@Emmery Yesss it works, the time was off by 5minute on my computer, thanks! 

I've had the same issue and after setting my correct time zone and clock in windows setting my problem has solved completely.

my microsoft stream has expired and i need to login it again@Earl Villone 

I Sometimes Get It Too. But When I Look At The Videos In My Content, It Says: "Unable to display videos because your session has expired"

And I Forgot To Show You The Image: @Mario999999999