Stream icons: can change some but not others

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Stream icons: can change some but not others

I can change some of the group icons in Stream by clicking the ellipsis > edit > update icon, but not others. Some groups display the option, some don't. Even a group owner can't change his group's icon. I know Msft has finally accepted what a disaster the Stream ui is and is changing it but in the meantime, how do I update a group icon if the option isn't available?

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@matt howell I'm guessing the groups where you can't change the logo/image for the group it's a migrated "Stream only group" from O365 Video? We never added the ability to set a group icon for the migrated groups. The only groups you can set a logo for is the M365 Groups.


And as you mentioned as we move to the new Stream this will be better because it will be built on SharePoint for much more customization. 

@Marc Mroz Thanks, that's disappointing but makes sense.