Stream do not shows recorded video from Teams

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I have a problem that I cannot open any recorded videos in either Stream or Teams.

Before this, perfectly can open and play the video without problem.

However, now the videos can be opened in both Stream (website and mobile apps) and Teams (desktop apps). It keeps showing "error" message when I tried to open the 'groups' section in "My content" in Stream website. 


I hope Microsoft team/anyone can help me to solve this problem. I am a student that I need the videos for my revision. :(  Besides, I use Microsoft Stream and Teams a lot during these online learning period.

Really appreciate if you willing to help me.

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@sir180014 When i try to play a video recorded through Teams I get the message on Microsoft stream "That video couldn't be found. the content may have been removed". However, when I check with the person who posted it on teams, they can see it. Advice on what is causing this problem, and how I solve it?