Stream Data Migration between MS 365 Tenant

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Hi All,


Do we have any Script or options to migrate Stream data form one 365 tenant to other


Transfer/Move/Copy O365 Stream video content from one tenant to another with admin rights on both




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Hi @Anilt73 ! Not available, because there is no API a script can use. Maybe Microsoft has internaly such possibilities. For now, it is a manual task for Microsoft Stream admins.

@Anilt73 Hi, There is no direct way to do it. But you can use third-party apps such as Apps4Pro Migrator to do this tenant to tenant migration easily. 

Sorry @Santhosh Balakrishnan ! This is not correct! The tools are for Planner and Teams migration, but not for Stream. Or am I wrong? . Not a whole lot of information there, but it claims to do so.