Stream Channel - Group Permissions for owners and admins

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Hello all:

I realize a channel does not have permissions associated with it, but struggling to figure out how permissions are used.  Here is what I would like to do:


- Create a channel that is "owned" by a group. Any member of the group can upload and edit videos. 

- Allow a second group to ONLY view the videos. This group contains all employees.

- Make this channel available as a Tab in Teams


I've created a channel based on the first group, and that part works OK. However even when I check the box to say "Allow any member of the company to view" they can't view it unless they are part of the first group.


This is a standard method of setting permissions in Active Directory. Wondering if Stream has this capability; if not, what would be the best method to allow something approximating this functionality.




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@ITMgr5 Create a group named "VideoCreators" with activated switch "Allow all members to contribute". Upload videos here or in channels inside this group. Create a second group "VideoViewer" and there a channel "VideosToView". This channel you can integrate in Teams as a tab.

To get videos in this channel, you have to open each video in der VideoCreators group and under "Share with" assign the channel "VideosToView" to each video with only the "Display" right. Than the videos are also visible in the VideosToView channel und so in Teams.

With the switch you set, you can make only the video as tab available in Teams when you use the video URL, but not in a channel.