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Hello, does Microsoft Stream use the PointPublishing Hub Site in SharePoint when you post videos in SharePoint?  Thank you!

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Stream is a separate service from O365 Video and does not use SharePoint online infrastructure at all.


O365 Video is built on SPO and uses the PointPublishing Hub Site tech.


We are in the process of writing a migration service to be able to move O365 Video customers over to Stream, as Stream is our go forward solution.


Is there more to your question that we can answer? What are you trying to do?

Hello, thank you for that information, this may not be the best place for this follow up question.  What else is the PointPublishing Hub Site used for or will this go away once the move to Streams is complete?

The /portals/hub site was also used for the SharePoint personal "blog" feature we did a while back.

I don't know the plans SP has for that feature.


The URLs to the blog look like this:



can we push videos from local sharepoint to microsoft stream? or video publishing and processing is a thing that can only be done through MS stream web interface?

@Marc MrozWe're new to Ms-Stream and before that we'd stored some videos on sharepoint folder. Now I'm trying to upload videos from sharepoint to stream but I don't know how. Can you help me please?